“Warm Heart of Africa” – Malawi is known for the friendliness of its citizens. It is bordered by Zambia to the west, Mozambique in the South and Tanzania towards the North. Named after the Lake Malawi, this lake happens to be the third largest of all lakes in the continent. It runs across maximum of its eastern borders.
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  1. Learn More About Malawi – the nation
    Get to meet the people of Malawi and understand its terrain, climate and what to expect once you reach here.
  2. How to Get To and Around Malawi
    You can probably get around the country using car, bus, plane and even boat. Getting in however may be a bit tricky. Find out the means of travel.
  3. Explore the Various Sights and Sounds of Malawi
    What can you see when in Malawi? Get a sneak peak at the things that await your arrival.
  4. Things that you can Shop for in Malawi
    Some things come cheap some are indigenous to Malawi. Find out which is which.